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The 4 Best Free Wallpaper Sites

March 13, 20242 minute read

Wallhaven is the best but here are some other options

You don’t need to go any farther if you’ve ever wondered where to buy the greatest wallpaper for your computer or other device. These are the greatest of the finest, and you may start using them whenever you want to get free wallpapers.

I picked these based on the quality, uniqueness, and quantity of photos on each site. Not only that, but I also looked at how easy it was to search for wallpapers and how pleasant the download experience was (believe me, it’s not always easy).

1. Wallhaven

My favorite website for free wallpaper is Wallhaven, mostly due of its amazing and distinctive photos that I can’t find anyplace else. Everyone can find something they enjoy, whether they prefer realistic or wholly abstract.

In order to browse the wallpapers, you may run a keyword search, see which ones have just been posted, bring up a random wallpaper page, choose a color, and more. Another feature I enjoy is that I can upload an image and get a visually comparable wallpaper. Another alternative is to click through the tags; these are correct and quite descriptive.

All in all, Wallhaven offers a tonne of ways to look for a fresh wallpaper in addition to a tonne of pictures to find. I return here time and time again!

Visit Wallhaven

2. DesktopNexus

Finding a wallpaper you like is quite easy because to DesktopNexus’s well-organized collection of hundreds of thousands of free wallpapers. The great treat is that their free wallpapers instantly adjust to fit your screen when you’re ready to set them as your desktop background.

Visit DesktopNexus

3. is a free wallpaper website featuring a large selection of gorgeous HD wallpapers across a broad range of topics.

The best resolution for your device is picked for you automatically, but you can adjust it with the drop-down menu.


4. DeviantArt

There’s much more to DeviantArt than just a free wallpaper website, as you will quickly discover—both good and terrible. DeviantArt offers creative and one-of-a-kind free wallpaper, yet finding them could be difficult.

Visit DeviantArt

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