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Turn Your Bathtub into a Cold Plunge

March 17, 20242 minute read
Turn Your Bathtub into a Cold Plunge

Absolute Zero Plunge, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based firm, is transforming cold therapy with their ground-breaking bathtub adapter. With only a few minutes and this easy fix, your old tub can become an icy cold retreat.

There is no denying the advantages of cold therapy. From fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, everyone is learning the benefits of an icy dip, including improved mental focus, less inflammation, increased energy, and improved recovery. However, beginning a frigid plunge can be costly and time-consuming.

Here’s how it works

  • Easy Setup: A majority of ordinary bathtubs with rims up to 7 inches wide can be fastened with the adjustable adaptor. You can now proceed by attaching the quick-connect hoses and adjusting the chiller unit’s temperature to your preferred setting!
  • Precise Cooling: For the ultimate cold plunge experience, the powerful chiller circulates water to a temperature of as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Space-Saving: Remove the adaptor easily after you’re finished. No big tub taking up valuable space in the bathroom or outside.
  • Affordable: With Absolute Zero Plunge, cold treatment is affordable for anyone without the hefty price tag associated with stand-alone products.

Beyond Just Cold Therapy

The mission of Absolute Zero Plunge is to change lives, not simply your health. The business is dedicated to giving amazing 50% of its earnings to programs that help people recover from addiction. Your quest for improved health and wellbeing has a direct impact on assisting others in overcoming adversity.

Join the Movement – Back Absolute Zero Plunge on Indiegogo

Get special discounts by endorsing this ground-breaking product as an early adopter. Visit Absolute Zero Plunge’s Indiegogo campaign to support a worthwhile cause and save 30%.

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